Currently hundreds of Indian students are studying in Volgograd state medical university. Even though they are far away from their country, these students continue to celebrate and showcase their culture and traditions.

This Indian Cultural Event-2014 “Satyameva Jayate” was organized by the 6th Year students of VolSMU.“Celebration of Indian festivals is important to have a cultural bond between India and Russia.

One of the organizers from the 6th year, Josephine Samson believes that such events are very important for the cultural exchange between India and Russia. “All Indian students have organized this event to show the tradition and culture to our university and other people in Russia. Many of them sang heartfelt songs in their mother tongue and performed traditional dances to show their culture.

The dean of University Dr. E.M.Emelyanov says that “He is sure that they would do all the necessary things that make the students of VolSMU feel at home and to study well.”

And this is a special program which is conducted every year by the students.They have invited the Chancellor,Vice chancellor,Dean’s office,teachers and friends.

Curator for Indian students, Natalia Goncharenko spoke a few words about adaptions of Indian students: In our department for Russian language speaking, we have whole program for adaptation of Indian students, which begins from their first day in our university. They gradually include ways of adaptation to life in Russia.

For the past 15years Indian Cultural programs have been conducted in VolSMU to highlight traditions and culture in India which helps to strengthen bonds between our countries.


Evgeniya Moskalenko

Svetlana Shaisultanova

Volgograd state medical university